Warmly dressed.

Sunglasses - Cndirect
Necklace - Jane Stone
Cardigan - Poppy Lovers
Jeans - Zaful
Hat - Vintage
Boots - Lost Ink

Hey guys. Today I wear warm cardigan with good quality and easy jeans. I feel comfort. To my simple way I added glasses, a hat and make-up red lipstick. 
Всем привет. Сегодня на мне теплый и удобный кардиган хорошего качества и свободные джинсы. Чувствую себя комфортно. К этому простому виду я добавила очки, шляпу и накрасила красную помаду.

How to Buy Shoes for Winter

Buying in a local shop or online doesn't matter. They both have advantages and disadvantages if you compare both ways. You have to choose the one which is most convenient to you, because it is not possible till now to combine both ways. A big advantage of the internet is, that you are not limited to local stores and shops. They are plenty of different shops available and you buy womens winter shoes from China. The designs are always different and you can surely find shoes you like and fit your style.

Because there are thousands of different styles and colours you can limit your searching results, which you can't do in local stores. You can choose the style, colour, size and even price and then browse. In an internet shop you can not feel, touch and try them on yourself when browsing.
Same goes to cheap knee high boots for women. You wear these in your free time so let them fit to your style and clothes. They should be comfortable and fit to the season. In winter you need warmer shoes than in summer of course. If it is a good shop they will give this information in the description as well.
You can sometimes choose colors and of course always the size. Some shops even provide an video where you can see all details of the shoe. If there are some customer reviews, feel free to read them. How to Buy Shoes from China Easily
First: Go to the shoes pages of Taobao website.
Second: Confirm which women shoes you like and copy the links to the search box of Yoybuy.com.
Third: You can find all women shoes from Yoybuy.com and order it at Yoybuy.com at a lower price.

Approaching winter.

Sunglasses - Wholesale
Jacket - DealSale (Item Number: SV006572)
Sweatshirt - Dressin
Coat - Dresslink
Boots - LostInk

The street approaching winter. And more and more layers of clothing. Today I whites in black clothes. I really like this coat with concealed buttons and a jacket that looks very stylish.
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